Milk Exchange

Another digital innovation by Milk2Market

The trusted destination for buying and selling milk

The Milk Exchange is a transparent, secure and more competitive system of trading milk that the Australian dairy industry so desperately needs.

It finally delivers choice to both farmer and buyer with tradable milk contracts, open transparent pricing, lower transaction costs and a range of services including traceback and controls – all on a digital platform.

Milk Suppliers

Suppliers list their milk supply on the Milk Exchange.

Milk Buyers

Buyers list requirements and have visibility on what milk is available.

Service Providers

Providers list their services and capability that applies to each traded contract.


The Milk Exchange will revolutionise the way you buy and sell milk. Amongst a range of impacts,
your business will see:

Reduced transaction and search costs

Access to more buy and sell options

More consistent quality standards

Better risk management with secure transactions that are underwritten and guaranteed

Transparent, fairer pricing with price discovery tools and market updates


Register your interest to see how the Milk Exchange can work for your business.


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Find out how Milk2Market can revolutionise the way you buy and sell milk.

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