Milk Price Calculator – New Season F22

Milk2Market launches new season calculator 2021/22

Milk2Market is pleased to launch the new season’s Milk Price Calculator

This year we have more than 70 payment contracts across all states and dairy companies.

The Milk Price Calculator is a free service to use as many times as you like.

We make every endeavour to provide a best estimate for users and we welcome feedback.  If you find a difference between our calculator and your own income estimates, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

As Australia’s leading provider of independent milk services, you would expect Milk2Market to provide a Milk Price Calculator…..and we have!

Our calculator allows buyers and suppliers to clearly compare more than 70 milk prices and policies on offer.

Through industry knowledge, expertise and experience, M2M has built the most comprehensive milk price tool available.  Prices are maintained and updated from publicly available data and the dairy community.


A new service for clients


Demystifying milk prices.


Helping make better business decisions.

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The calculator compares prices of the major dairy companies as an industry service.

This is not the first time someone has tried to bring transparency to milk prices for dairy farmers – pricing mechanisms have become so complex and confusing.

Well….this has been years in the making!  We have combined industry experience, published price announcements, worked with dairy companies and, with the support of the dairy community, produced the best milk pricing tool available.

Each milk price offer is based on the milk buyer’s preferred supply curve and is different and rewards seasonality, quality and productivity .

This milk calculator is at your service.

How It Works

The Milk Price calculator compares prices of the major dairy companies.  These companies have different products across domestic and export markets and need a specific profile.  Whether you are flat, seasonal, high or low input large or small, there is a price that suits each farm system.

Farm-gate milk prices are calculated from your milk supply profile.  Enter monthly milk volume, milk fat & protein into the input sheet. The milk calculator will email your customised results in MS $/kg and Net revenue (ex GST).  You can choose options for one year or multi-year prices, different milk ratios and growth Incentives.

You receive a summary of milk prices on offer by region and will be able to find the best match for your milk supply.

If budgeting, comparing step ups or just trying to work out which price suits your farm system, just enter your data and receive your results as many times as you like.

Milk Price Calculator

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