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New MILK2DAY Service – comprehensive milk price calculator and more


Milk2Market’s new MILK2DAY Service

Milk2Market is excited to offer MILK2DAY – a milk pricing service for dairy farmers.

Why waste time with emails and calls about complicated milk payment systems for prices that change weekly or even daily?

With MILK2DAY, you avoid the ring around and the run-around

  1. Milk Calculator with latest farm milk price information
  2. Milk Marketing with tools and support to help market your milk
  3. Updates on milk prices and contract offers on the Milk Exchange

MILK2DAY provides credible, independent and up-to-date prices and market options, personalised for your milk production.

MILK2DAY is a competitive and efficient way to market farm milk and maximise milk payments.

MILK2DAY brings together Milk2Market’s tools, systems and supply chain network into a convenient Milk Price and Marketing service.

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As Australia’s leading provider of independent milk services, you would expect Milk2Market to provide an up-to-date Milk Price Service!

Through our industry knowledge, expertise and experience, Milk2Market has built the most comprehensive milk price tools and services available.

Subscribers to the MILK2DAY service receive up-to-date milk price offers and Milk Exchange Auctions results.

Subscribers can use the milk price calculator to compare more than 70 milk payment systems on offer and, whenever there is a step-up,  subscribers get an updated milk income statement for their production profile.


A Milk Price service for clients


Demystifying milk prices.


Helping make better business decisions.

7 Reasons Why We Need Milk2Day services

  1. A complicated milk market – Government reviews and inquiries state that milk pricing is overly complicated, market power imbalances exist between buyers and milk suppliers and transparency on prices and market conditions is poor.
  2. Price comparison still challenging – The new Dairy Mandatory Code has redefined the relationship between farmers and processors. The dairy industry has responded with greater price transparency and market choice, but it is still challenging to get an unbiased, clear price comparison at a farm level.
  3. Prices fluctuate and change – The milk price moves throughout the year influenced by market conditions, milk production profile, and increasingly, due to competition between dairy companies.
  4. More payment systems on offer – The number of payment systems on offer are increasing, adding to the complexity and ongoing changes in marketing farm milk .
  5. Time pressure squeeze  – The time pressure to sign an annual milk supply contract among 20 payment systems on offer for any particular region is challenging, and milk suppliers are looking for a better way.
  6. Milk is traded all year round – Milk buyers are looking for additional milk during the season from other processors, and increasingly, from farmers. Farmers can now offer their milk with supply agreements that run for one month, three months, six months or 12 – 36 months. Farmers can also split their milk supply among two or more buyers at different prices.
  7. Managing the margin – Milk suppliers want to ensure their milk price covers farm input costs which vary depending on seasonal conditions.  So, just locking in the price at the start of the year is not sufficient. Milk suppliers are looking for an ongoing mechanism to adjust prices, not only a step-up based on buyer’s market conditions.

Who You Supply Matters

Over the past three years, Milk2Market’s Milk Calculator has identified a significant gap between the milk prices offered to farmers.

That’s when we realised we could help farmers secure a better milk price.

As an example, the gap between the highest and lowest price offers was significant for F22 year.  For three actual farms (below) the milk price offers  ranged from $0.60 c/kg to $1.50/kg Milk Solids.

South West Victorian Farm
Annual milk supply: 1.3million litres
Price range: $0.64/kg ($6.61 – $7.25)
Net Income difference: $55,424

Northern Victoria Farm
Annual milk supply: 2.0 million litres
Price range: $1.05/kg ($6.55- $7.60)
Net Income difference: $155,541

Gippsland Farm
Annual milk supply:440,000 litres (spilt contract)
Price range: $1.50 /kg ($6.11 – $7.70)
Net Income difference: $61,188


$360.00 / year

Milk2Day | MILK CALCULATOR –  the destination for independent, credible and up-to-date prices    



Milk2Day helps milk suppliers to efficiently market farm milk and maximise milk payments

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  • Milk price REPORT across more than 70 payments systems Australia-wide
  • Price payment ANALYSIS for your production system;
  • New FEATURES for planning and forecasting  including growth and multi-year supply agreements  
  • New TEXT messaging for the latest step-ups and farm milk prices

Annual subscription is less than $1/day for a transparent, independent milk price … now that makes sense!!

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