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Milk supply made easy
Benefits of Milk2Market

Security of Supply

Agile management of the milk pool – managing supply when and where it’s needed. Delivering solutions for milk balancing and milk swaps.

Price Transparency

Smart, secure and standardised contracts that demystify milk prices, reduce risk and improve cash flow.

Cost Saving

Optimised supply matching to improve efficiencies and reduce search costs and lower transaction costs

Visibility & Control

Visibility & Control

End-to-end supply chain management and quality testing within control limits, specifications and food safety.

Provenance & Traceback

Direct source-supply relationship with full provenance disclosure for marketing and product innovation

Data Driven Decisions

With the latest digital platforms, work anywhere, anytime and maximise timely data for production, logistics and procurement.

Digitising Dairy Supply
As one of the food industry’s most perishable products, milk demands the fastest and most efficient route to the consumer.

Just like other agricultural sectors – beef, grain and wool – the milk industry is ripe for revolution. Digitising the dairy supply chain enables a faster, better and easier way of conducting business.

Fully integrated M2M Milk Services and our trading platform the Milk Exchange embrace this new way of working, with a focus on empowering both the farmer and the milk buyer to securely control the sale and supply process.

What’s the Difference?
A more transparent and streamlined way to supply milk is better for dairy farmers and milk buyers.

– Transparent milk prices

– Tradable contracts over variable periods

– Standardised compliant contracting

– Supply multiple buyers

– Decoupled trading and logistics options

Find out how Milk Exchange can revolutionise the way you buy and sell milk.